Sunday, January 29, 2012

Life in Indiana

I'm in a suburb of Indianapolis for the next 10 days. I arrived yesterday via airplane and could have driven it faster than flying. I flew out of Milwaukee to Kansas City and then on to Indy, but there was a 2 hour delay in KC, so the entire trip took about 10 hours. It's a 7-hour drive if the traffic around Chicago cooperates.

Today we spent the morning at a wrestling meet. My grandson was supposed to wrestle, but he didn't make weight so he couldn't compete. Luckily, I took my knitting. :–). This evening we went to an Indianapolis Symphony Concert that was wonderful. (She proudly explaines - my son is Assistant Principal French Horn in the ISO.)

They played Shostakovich's Festival overture, Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto # 2, and Prokofief's Symphony #4 - a very obscure work that I had not heard before. Super evening. While sitting there I realized that I had not heard a symphony orchestra concert in more than 8 years. That's way too long.

The Rachmaninoff was one of my mother's favorite piano concertos. I remember her playing an old 78 recording of it over and over when I was a child. The performance tonight almost conjured her up. She loved that piece so much that I am reasonably sure that she heard it tonight from somewhere.

On the knitting front, there is a yarn store in this town, so I'm sure I will darkening their door Monday morning. I brought 2 small projects to work on while I am here, but they were chosen because they are small and light-weight - easy to pack, etc. Maybe something else will meet my fancy here. I also want to hit the Apple store. I need a new power cord for my IPad. We don't have an Apple store in Green Bay, so I might as well take care of that need while I am in a town big enough to have one.


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