Thursday, February 23, 2012

It Came! It Came!

Having waited for almost two months for it to arrive, my new Erlbacher Gearhart circular sock knitting machine arrived and I am finally up and running. There is a sun room off our main living space, and I set the machine up there. The addition of a rug (to protect the floor) that we had in storage, and a few accessories left over from my musician days (music stand for the instruction manual and flute stands to hold the cones of yarn on the floor) I am good to go. After several miss starts, I have completed the first lesson in the manual, which was to make I-cord.

The videos (yes, there are instructional videos on You Tube) show casting on with netting, which I tried several times. The netting always shredded. My solution today was to double the netting for added strength. It worked.

The I-cords hanging over the table were completed this morning. When I finish this post, I will move on to Lesson 2, which is about knitting a cast on sack.

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  1. Are you coming to the outreach knitting tonight? I'll want to hear all about your grinding adventures.