Monday, February 27, 2012

Learning Curves!

I have been working on the new Erl every day, with some modicum of success. Yesterday I had the guts to switch out the 60 cylinder for the 72 cylinder and made a cast on bonnet for it. I definitely prefer the texture that I produce on the 72 over the 60. It took me a while to realize that the internal circumference of the two cylinders is exactly  the same, which means that in a tube you are either making 60 stitches or 72 stitches. 72 stitches is denser than 60. On the down side, I am still dropping stitches when hanging a picot hem. Not sure what the cure for that is, but will keep trying.

Saturday we drove down to Milwaukee to the Apple store. Our iMac has been freezing up or just shutting down whenever it feels like it, and since this is not a normal problem for Macs, a visit with an Apple Genius seemed to be in order. Because the computer is 7 years old I expected to learn that it should be replaced, but that was not the case. The recommendation? Erase the disc and reinstall everything! I can do that, but it is going to take time. I started backing up files last night. If I just reinstall from the Time Machine I might wind up reinstalling the problem, so I am backing files on CDs and cleaning out a lot of files that are no longer necessary. Sort of like Spring Cleaning!


  1. Oh, Vicki! I had to do that once. What a pain, but feels good when done. Good luck!

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