Monday, February 13, 2012

Linen Stitch Scarf Update

It was a quiet weekend in Lake Wobegone... wait - that's somebody else's line. It was definitely a quiet weekend in Green Bay however, and I got a lot of knitting done. I feel this incredible urge to finish projects before the end of the month, when my knitting will come to a complete halt for about 3 months. It is impossible to finish everything that is in the works, but the Linen Stitch Scarf just needs another inch of knitting - approximately 6-8 rows over 255 stitches. I will probably finish it in a day or two.

In preparation for my Knitting 102 class tonight at Monterey Yarn I cleaned out my teaching bag this morning. It holds a ring binder with syllabi and examples, some needles and yarn, and a smaller bag of knitting accessories: stitch markers, scissors, tapestry needles, bread bag closures, a crochet hook, etc. The teaching bag itself is the felted product of about 4 pairs of clogs I knit as Christmas presents several years ago. The clogs were made out of Lambs Wool single ply yarn, and each pair of clogs produced leftover yarn. To use it up I made a large knitted bag, striped because I was using up leftovers, and felted it. Then I purchased an oblong plastic container about the same size as the bag and stuffed it inside the felted bag as it was drying. Voila! a teaching bag sturdy enough to support the weight of a ring binder and everything else.

On top of all of this knitting activity, my musical background has reared it's ugly head. I was asked to accompany for a short recital at the end of the month: 1 piece I have played many times - the other piece is totally new to me. Therefore, there has been lots of piano practicing going on around here. The piano tuner is coming in about 45 minutes, and we have our first rehearsal this afternoon. Well - that said - I should go back to the piano. Musicians are all perfectionists, you know.

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