Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Beauty of White

It has been snowing now since yesterday afternoon – fine little flakes that give the area a look of wall-to-wall carpeting. Can't write much today as the hand surgery has left me single-handed. It is strictly hunt-and-peck for the foreseeable future, OH - and there is no knitting allowed.

The photo looks as if it was taken in black and white, but that is not the case. It's just a black-and-white day today in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

We plan to add 2 gigs of Ram to the computer this afternoon; something that I would normally do myself, but I can't lift the Mac, so hubby will help. Then we will update to Snow Leopard and ultimately to Lion. I'm looking forward to having an up-to-date computer again.

The sock knitting machine continues to be a frustration, but the Erlbach group on Ravelry are being helpful. It will help when I have two hands again. So far I am queen at making iCord.

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