Monday, March 19, 2012

Look What I Found

We went to the De Pere Antique Show on Saturday. We go every year, and seldom buy anything, but we are Red Wing and Carnival Glass collectors so it's always fun to see what prices are doing for items we already own. In an antique show vendors know what they have, so there are no deals to be had. This time was different however. Not the deal part - the dealer knew what she had - but the "seldom buy anything" part. I reached right for my wallet.

There she sat - the most gorgeous little Singer Featherweight you've ever seen. I was a quilter before I was a knitter, and quilters have prized these little machines for a long time. This one was made in 1948 and is in pristine condition. All the parts are there, even the instruction manual, thank goodness, because I couldn't have threaded it without the little booklet. I tested it this morning and it runs like a charm. The stitches are even and the length of them can be changed as desired.

On the knitting front I have been churning out socks on Penelope (my Erlbacher Gearhart circular knitting machine), and each pair gets better. The balance between yarn weight and stitch tension on the machine is crucial, and I am finally understanding that better. Here are my latest two. See what you think.


  1. Wow, a Featherweight. Pretty cool. I saw one in a quilt shop in St. Bay last fall, but I'm not enough of a quilter to be tempted. Pretty socks, they look almost real.

  2. Great to find another knitting site on the A-Z. I'm putting you on the Pirate Knitting blog list. Looking forward to more.
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