Monday, March 5, 2012

Toe-up Sock on the Erl

As reported yesterday, I started a toe-up sock today on Penelope (my name for my Erlbacher csm). While I have nothing to show for the day's work, I learned quite a lot. I managed to hang the toe, cranked the foot part, and almost completed the heel. The the Dropped Stitch Fairy appeared. Actually, she had visited my knitting corner several times earlier, but I was always able to catch the stitch and fix it.

This time she attacked the heel shape line, and I couldn't rescue the project. Tomorrow I will take it all out and start again. I think, for me, the problem lies in balancing the tension and the amount of weight down below. Circular sock machine knitters will understand what I am talking about. I also think the yarn I am working with might be a factor, and I will try a different tomorrow. On the bright side, things that seemed challenging a week ago – hanging a cast on sack, hanging a hem, etc. – are faster and easier now. I guess I am making progress. I do know it would surely be easier if I had two working hands. With my left hand wrapped in gauze and bandages, the gauze keeps catching on the needles. I know, I could just wait 6 weeks for the bandaging to come off, but I just can't wait. I am going to conquer Penelope if its the last thing I do.

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