Monday, May 14, 2012

Domestication, Ugh!

It is stunningly beautiful here today, and rather than enjoy it, I am running errands, ironing, doing laundry, etc. Dropped the dog of at the groomers this morning at 7am, then went to get an oil change for my car, home to start laundry, ironed 6 tops, planned supper menue, and have two major cooking projects to do before dinner.

I have 6 bananas that are going bad, so it is either throw them out or make something with them. Banana Bread it is. If it is any good I will share the recipe, although it is readily available on the internet.

Also, we are out of dog treats, and my daughter shared a recipe for Peanut Butter Dog Treats that she found on Pinterist. I'm going to try my hand at that as well. .

Yesterday we spread some great smelling cedar mulch on the island bed in the front yard. Need to do the same thing everywhere else. No time.

Knitting, you ask? Well, I worked quite a bit over the weekend on the Cabled Bag I am designing for Monterey Yarn. It is about 8" high now, but that is only about half way. When I first started working on it a couple of weeks ago, the cross-over row and the one after just exhausted my left hand - the one recovering from the hand surgery. Now, I can keep going, and the hand doesn't tire so much. Guess that means I am getting stronger. Always a good thing.

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