Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Looking Forward

We keep a 5th-wheel in Door County – about 50 minutes away. We call it our "cabin in the woods", although in reality, it is pretty luxurious. My days of sleeping in tents on air mattresses that are invariably flat in the morning are long gone, so the "Far-V" (my now 18-year-old grandson named it that when he was about 5) is perfect for my arthritic joints. We escape to Far-V almost every weekend, that is until the call of the yard work gets too strong, and then we stay home and work ourselves to the bone.

This Memorial Day weekend we are going to Far-V early and staying late; altogether we will have 5 days and 4 nights! Can't wait. We have planned the menus, and I am shopping and preparing for the venture. AJ has a smoker upon which he plans to do a pork loin, and I have a camp dutch oven, in which I plan to roast a chicken. We also have a small freezer that is stocked with burgers and brats, and the pantry has such staples as canned baked beans and S'mores makings. All in all, we should be able to roll home instead of driving.

There are lots of goings-on in Door County on Memorial Day weekend. Sturgeon Bay has a juried Fine Arts Show, and Jacksonport or Bailey's Harbor, can't remember which, has May Fest. We like to take Jessie to Murphy Park, where she can catch balls that AJ deftly tosses over the water.

Of course, all of this requires careful knitting preparation. I have to pack in such a way as to get everything I might possibly need in the car with me. Enough wound skeins of yarn, tapestry needles, scissors, tape measure, stitch markers, etc. I  plan to be able to finish the cabled project bag this coming weekend – the knitting part at least. The lining part will take more time and a sewing machine. No I won't be taking that up to Door County.

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