Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Yesterday was a bust ...just couldn't get anything done. I think I had worked so hard on Monday that there just wasn't any energy left for Tuesday. This "being retired" stuff is tricky. Without deadlines to meet and immediate tasks screaming for attention, it is entirely possible to fritter away an entire day, and that's just what I did.

This morning I made a list, and I am sticking to it. Otherwise, I might fall prey to idleness again, which is very unlike me. The deck is covered, and I mean crunchy covered, with helicopters from our Maple trees. They are even sticking between the slats on the patio table, which is teak and also needs immediate attention. First - go to the shed and get the push broom. Second find the hand sander (electric of course) and figure out how to use it. The table must be sanded and oiled.

The cable bag is progressing. I'm at 14 1/2" now and the goal height is 16". You know how it feels when you are close to finishing a project? You keep knitting and keep measuring, and the measurement  is always the same? Well, that's where I am. I think I could work 2 more repeats of the 12-row pattern, and the measurement would still be 14.5".

Well, I can either write about it, or get off my duff and actually do something about it. My choice!


  1. Oh, I hate those knitting black holes. Just be sure your escape velocity doesn't get the best of you or you'll knit another repeat and suddenly be at 17.5"! Ask me how I know...

    Idle days are necessary for sanity. It's a well-known fact. ;-}

  2. Lists are great, they certainly help keep you focused! Good Luck with you work, I'm sure it will be finished in nooo time...

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