Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring in Door County

We spent the weekend in Door County, WI opening up our 5th wheel for the summer. We keep it in a campground just north of Carlsville. It is our "cabin in the woods" and where we spend most weekends in the summer. Some folks travel the US in 5th wheels, but we just reside in ours on weekends. It never moves. The campground is heavily forested, quiet, and very peaceful. This time of year it is awash in Trillium, and the sight is beautiful.

There are also numerous wildflowers - little yellow ones - don't know what they are called but they are so delicate and sweet.

The local stores are also advertising morels, and on occasion I have found some to harvest. They are a great addition to a morning omelette, but I didn't find any this weekend. We had a lot of rain, which was OK because there was a lot of cleaning to do. We usually are the winter motel for a mouse or two, so everything has to be cleaned thoroughly, which I did most of Saturday.

I got a fair amount of knitting done as well - on a cabled bag I am designing for my LYS. It is based upon the Cat's Eye overall cable pattern in Barbara Walker's first volume of stitch patterns. The cable is an 8-stitch cable, so it is fairly physical for the hands. I have to pace myself, because my left hand still doesn't have the strength it should have after the surgery. If I do top much my wrist hurt, which couldn't be a good thing. Right?

I see the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully he will tell me I am progressing as I should and to knit away with abandon. Finger's crossed!

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