Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring in Wisconsin

Tuesday night a fellow knitter from the Bay Lakes Knitting guild was on his way to drop of some yarn for one of the residents at the Bellvue Retirement Community. He called and said he was on his way, so I went out on the front steps to wait for him. It was about 7 pm, and the light was perfect for taking pictures. I ran back into the house for my camera, and these are some of the results.

I just love Allium. Part of it is the color - can't help it - I'm a purple person. The bulbs are expensive, so I don't have very many. They are so regal, don't you think?

Sitting on the front step looking toward the street, this brick fencing with columns is what you see. Again with the purple - Vinca - so sweet and cute. They bloom early and then you have a nice green ground cover for the rest of the summer. If anyone knows how to get the crab grass out from within the Vinca shoot me an email. I usually just give out.

One of my other favorite spring blooms is Euphorbia. The color is unmatchable - chartreuse. Where else in nature to you find this color? Unfortunately in another month it will look gangly probably brown out, but it is gorgeous this time of year. The original plant seems to have reseeded itself around the yard, something that my husband does not appreciate, but I guess it is hardy.

This is the entrance to our front porch, and the Phlox seem very happy there. The taller shrubs in the background are dwarf lilacs and will probably pop this weekend.

When I was cleaning and organizing my craft room a week ago I found some fabric sheets for ink jet printers. Wouldn't these pictures make great quilting fabrics. Think I will have to give that a try.


  1. So pretty. I am drawn to purple too. I wish I were more familiar with different plants and flowers and their names. For instance I always see this sudden splash of color at this time of year around the trees in some of my neighbor's yards. When I went to the nursery last year, I thought I was purchasing the same flowering plants that my neighbors had. But after planting mine , they just didn't look like theirs. After reading your post, I now know I should have been asking for phlox. I think what I planted is called Sweet William.

  2. My grandma in Evansville, IN had vinca on the bank bordering her driveway. A bit of it came to Green Bay with us in 1961. It thrived around the shrubs in front of our house and I bought a bit to my current house. I think of her each time I see those glossy leaves and little purple flowers. I love the stuff. I'd love the challenge of planting that area inside your low brick wall, reminds me of a secret garden. Pretty, and thanks for sharing.