Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Successful Crawl (for yarn that is)

Saturday's Yarn Crawl to Milwaukee-area stores was a rousing success. 17 members of the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild left Green Bay at 6:45am in about 5 cars and drove down to Fox Point, where our first store was the Knitting Knook.

My purchases for the day show
restraint, don't you think?
It is in a house just off Interstate 43 and North of Bay Shore. What a find! I've seldom seen a greater selection of sock yarn. The rooms are small, and every inch is crammed with yarn displays of one kind or another. The owner very kindly opened early for our group, and at the end of the day, everyone agreed it was one of their favorite stops.

After that we continued south to Ruhamas, Wisconsin's oldest and largest yarn store. http://www.ruhamas.com/ It is located in Whitefish Bay, which is just north of Milwaukee, and it too was amazing. This store also has an entire wall devoted to gorgeous needlepoint canvases and the yarn to work them. They had stunning Fair Isle-type kits from several Scandinavian designers, any one of which I would have been delighted to purchase if I could have afforded it.

After that we caravanned to Brookfield, a western Milwaukee suburb, to Kopp's for lunch. http://www.kopps.com/ Kopp's is famous for gargantuan hamburgers, to-die-for onion rings, and the best custard Wisconsin has to offer. (Wisconsinites are partial to custard; ice cream is not favored.) I can attest that the onion rings are out of this world.

Across the parking lot from Kopp's is River Boutique and Yarnhttp://www.riverboutiqueyarn.com/
a different kind of store with lots of vintage clothing, antiques, and yarn but not the variety we had seen. They have a great sitting area in the middle of the stores with sofas and soft chairs, where knitters can sit and knit to their heart's content. The owner made brownies for us that were awesome. Unfortunately, after the visit to Kopp's, I wasn't very hungry.

Next stop was the Cream City Yarn Shop in Brookfield, which is located in an old bank building. The store is owned by a couple of young women and it has only been open a year. They had a nice selection of yarns and the store space was light and airy.http://creamcityyarn.com/

From here the last shop stop was at Fiberwood Studio in Milwaukee. http://www.fiberwoodstudio.com/  A very small store front, they specialize in fibers for weaving and had an entire wall of coned yarn. I was excited about this, thinking they would have coned yarn I could use for my circular sock knitting machine, but alas, their yarns were 2-ply, too light to use in the machine.

Each of the stores had gift bags for us and a drawing set up for the one lucky knitter who would win it. (I wasn't lucky!) They all were very welcoming to our group, and I'm sure made a tidy profit from our visit. The final stop was at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner and then back up 43 to Green Bay. All in all a very jam-packed, fun-filled day of yarn shopping.

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