Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Computer Woes and Consternation

My 2006 iMac died last week. In the interim my major internet vehicle has been a 10" laptop computer, which I connected to the printer so I could continue to function. This has all been the major foundation for increased eye strain, of course, because I broke my glasses at about the same time. Egad! Talk about things happening in threes. There was a third thing, but I can't remember what it was - probably because it paled in relation to the computer debacle.

I have computer glasses - designed for that special eye-to-screen distance, and while they haven't been updated for years, they have saved my bacon and work pretty well in close-up situations, such as knitting, making socks on the circular sock machine, etc.

At any rate, a new iMac should arrive today. I can't wait - 27" screen and loaded with memory and the whole bit. With my computer activities curtailed, I have had more time for more essential activities. The last post I made here was about Betsy Beads by Betsy Hirschberg, the book about knitting with beads.

This design came from that book, and I completed it yesterday. I think it will look great on a black turtle neck. The book shows it in gold, but I had silver yarn. There you have it.

I have also opened an Etsy store - Victoria's Fiber Creations The name was chosen because I also quilt. So far, I have included some ribbon yarn that needs to find a new home, but soon I will be offering socks as well. Check it out. Plans are to offer custom-knit socks as well. In other words, I will take orders for specific lengths. Lots going on these days. Guess I like it that way.

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