Thursday, June 28, 2012

Personal Retreat

Think about! "Retreat" seems to imply backing away from something, as in "The army retreated". Is a personal getaway a retreat then? a retreat from normal every day life? retreat from problems? Does it mean escape?

I'm not thoughty enough to answer the questions, but whatever the derivation, I'm going on a retreat and I'm going to love it. We have a 5th wheel that we keep in Door County all year around; it is our 'cabin in the woods.' Between May and October you can find us there on most weekends. We drive up (a mere hour away) on Friday night after work, stop in Sturgeon Bay at our favorite Chinese restaurant for a quick dinner, and then drive to the RV. We return to Green Bay Sunday morning with enough time to mow the lawn and run home errands.

This weekend will be the same, except this time I am taking my hammered dulcimer and Renaissance costume. This weekend is the first of two weekends in a row for the Door County Renaissance Faire at which I will be playing. Instead of coming home on Sunday, when Andy is returning home, I'm going to stay for the week in between the two Faire weekends.

As Wednesday is July 4th, Andy is coming back up Tuesday night after work, and he took the rest of the week off. So - the long and short of it is, I will be a widow by choice for 2 1/2 days - sounds like fun. I'm going to visit yarn shops that Andy has little interest in visiting - oh, and there is a quilt shop as well in the area. I'm also taking my sock knitting machine. I've wound lots of yarn and plan to do lots of work while I'm on my own.

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