Monday, July 30, 2012

Family Vacations - eh?

I write this from the Oregon coast in a drop-dead gorgeous house that sleeps 12. The entire family has converged here to spread ashes of our parents, grand-parents, and great-grandparents. While we are here for 7 days, every minute of close living is treacherous.

My husband says that my sister and I have big personalities. I've never been described that way before, but my sister and I can really mix it up, and we have been doing so since we arrived. I guess I would say that we are each super over organized, planned to the Nth degree people, which is OK if just one of us is determining the schedule of activities. However, that is not the case. Oh MY! Unfortunately it is not enough to agree to disagree.

Before coming to the coast, my sister and I went to visit Jacob Avshalomov, seen in the picture above. He conducted the Portland Junior Symphony, now called the Portland Youth Philharmonic, that my sister and I grew up in. Mr. A, as we all affectionately called him, had more of an influence on me than most of my college professors. He taught discipline, orchestral ettiquette, "Look up" he always said. He's 92 now and still has the brightest snappy eyes you've ever seen.              

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  1. No one can fight with you as well as a sibling, fight and not end up enemies. That's why I dis-invited my husband and both sisters-in-law when we had to go through and dispose of Mom's things last fall. I knew we'd scrap our way through and remain friends, we've been fighting for 56 years already, we know how.

    How lucky you could visit Mr. A!