Friday, July 27, 2012

I Love to Travel

We leave tonight for a 10-day vacation on the Oregon coast and I couldn't be more excited. The entire family (minus my oldest grandson, who is working in Maine this summer) is coming, and the week culminates at our favorite beach. I look forward to lots of crab, smoked salmon, and salt water taffy.

My sister and her husband are there awaiting the rest of us to arrive, and she took the picture on the left yesterday at the Rose Gardens just west of downtown Portland.

Everytime I get off a plane in Portland I can feel my total system relax; it just says "Ahhhh! I'm home." Isn't that strange? I haven't lived there in over 40 years, but it will always be home. I think it's something about all the green, the mountains, the water, the vegetation. There is also a pioneer component that lurks below the surface. When I was a kid we studied about the Oregon Trail, Lewis & Clark, and the wagon trains lumbering down the Columbia River Gorge. I know! That all happened a long time ago, but that spirit still resides there. Soon, so will I - for 10 days anyway!

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