Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mixed Blessings

Looking north from Cape Foulweather
I'm back home after a week on the stunning Oregon coast, and I must admit that there really is "no place like home." I have such mixed feelings about the week that I'm not sure whether I can put them into words.

Geographically, I couldn't have been in a better place. Oregon is where I grew up, and 'going to the beach' was something that we did when I was young on those days when a hot easterly wind poured down the Columbia River Gorge into Portland and beyond. In fact, our last day there it was 102 degrees in Portland, and in the high 80s on the northern coast - pretty rare temperatures for Oregon. Oh, and did I forget to say that there was not one drop of rain during our entire stay there? That also is probably some kind of Oregon record.

The sound of the ocean waves hitting the beach is a sound I can hear no where else, also the sound of a babbling brook - both sounds are important to me, but not ones I can hear in the mid-west. Water doesn't babble in the midwest - it oozes.  Sorry to all my Wisconsin friends, but you know it's true. I guess sounds are important to me, probably because I was a musician, so being able to hear the water move was spectacular. I actually tried to memorize the sound in my head, so I can pull it up at any time and hear it again.

I was there with my entire family in a rental house that sleeps 12. It was a great house, and each family had their own space. It was absolutely super to watch my grandchildren discover tide pools, sand dunes, the ocean, etc. and we actually flew on the same flights with them. That part couldn't have been better.

The "mixed" part of the trip was that my sister and I could not see eye to eye on very much. At one point the dissension was so bad that I seriously considered coming home early. She and I are the only ones left in our immediate family, and I am saddened that we no longer have each other. I know - 'It takes two to Tango' - and I am willing to accept that I must have a part in the division, but the fact that she cannot accept hers makes any reconciliation impossible. There won't be anymore family holidays or weekend visits, and I can't call her to 'chew the fat'. Actually, years ago she asked me not to call anymore, because she prefers email. So you see - this has been coming for a long time.

Sorry to bring you all down. What a bummer. Let's see if a gorgeous picture of an Oregon beach can make us all feel better.

Pacific City, Oregon (taken from Cape Kiwanda)

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