Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Won! Well, Almost...

My last post was about the Crank A Thon, and I am happy to report that I won one of the categories. There were 8, if I remember correctly, and I started out cranking regular socks. Then I noticed that no one was making lace socks, probably because they take more time to do. So, I switched, because Lace socks was one of the categories.

The Crank A Thon lasted for 2 weeks from a Tuesday to a Tuesday, and I was out of town for almost a week of that time - a 3 day adventure with my cousins from Wednesday to Friday,followed by the long Labor Day weekend. (We got home on Labor Day.) The big prize was the most overall items, and I pretty much knew I had no chance at that, so Lace was the place for me, and I submitted 3 pairs. The vine lace pattern on the left is the one of which I am the most proud.

In the mean time, we put in an offer on a house, and it was accepted. Now everything is about the move. Our present domicile is way larger than we need, and over the years we have accumulated my mother's dining room set, and my mother-in-law's bed suite and dining room set. Needless to say, we have way more furniture than we can move to the new house.

As I write this I am waiting for St. Vincent DePaul's truck to come pick up furniture that we are donating. On top of that, we have collected antique furniture over the years - mostly oak and mostly massive. I am looking for homes for a printer's cabinet, Hoosier cabinet, and a Yamaha upright piano. I called a local auction house yesterday, and the prices they charge preclude even contacting them again. I think there is an extreme garage sale in my future.

I haven't even begin to think about the craft/sewing room. I have it set up with a banquet table, and old teak dining room table, and the sewing machine table. I have 2 ironing boards and 3 sewing machines and a serger. Ye-gads! I will never find room for it all. The good news is that Andy arrived home from work yesterday with 12 empty computer paper boxes, so I can begin to sort and box stuff up.  Oh - almost forgot - I have 8 garbage bags full of clothes that I will never be able to wear again anytime soon, and they are going to Goodwill right after the St. Vincent DePaul folks come and go.