Saturday, October 20, 2012

Boxes, boxes, everywhere...

The Present House
We are two weeks into a downsizing move. The house we live in now won't go on the market until the spring, and we are trying to get into the new house before Thanksgiving. But there are boxes everywhere ... in both houses. We decided to do most of the move ourselves, which means every day we pack up two cars worth of boxes and assorted items, drive them to the new place, unload, put away when possible, and return home to load up again. Lucky, AJ has a truck so he can take more stuff.

Most of my sewing and knitting supplies are already in the new house, although I am having to fit them into a 13' X 10' room, whereas they came out of a space twice that large. On top of that, the room will also house a desk and this computer. Therefore, efficiency is the order of the day. The only knitting stuff that I haven't moved yet is my circular sock knitting machine, which I am still using. I will move it at the last minute.

Today we took over 6 loads...I don't know how AJ does it... I'm not much help with the heavy lifting. After the first load I stopped at a wine & beer store on the way home, and the clerk was very helpful. He went to the back room and came back with about 8 boxes, some of which still had dividers in them - great for packing wine glasses.

The New House
The recorders and hammered dulcimer have also been moved as have about 50 pieces of Red Wing pottery - some of which are quite large. Movers come next week to give us estimates for moving the furniture. All very exciting. Can't wait to be in one place, however; I'm very close to forgetting what is where.

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  1. I would be deep into the forgetting already as my remember-y is no longer stronger than my forgetter-y. It'll all be worth it in the end.