Saturday, September 28, 2013

What I Did on my Vacation

Trillium in Door Cnty
It's been an interesting week. I baked, put away apple slices for winter pies, cleaned the house, visited a friend in Waupaca, took a day to Door County, and did mending that has been hanging around for years ... yes folks ... that's years. I started a new black top but ran into a roadblock with it. Can't understand the pattern. Maybe some of you will be able to decipher it. It appears that there should be a zipper, although the pattern doesn't even mention a zipper.

My vacation ends tomorrow, as that is when DH returns. Actually, I'm ready for him to come home. He takes this trip every year, and I always enjoy the first 2-3 days he is gone. Then I start to feel rudderless, without the centering that a spouse provides. I don't feel guilty saying this, as he says the same thing. He enjoys his time away at first but begins to miss me in the middle of it. I think he just tires of all the potty humor a group of men seem to produce.

My sewing room/office/studio
The Bay Lakes Knitting Guild is holding a design contest for its members, and I started that this week. I chose the stitch pattern - Flame Chevron from one of the Barbara Walker books - and knit a swatch. Blocked it for gauge and then unraveled it for yarn amount. A 6" X 3" block requires approximately 14 yards of lace weight yarn and I have 1600 yards available so I think I will be good. I have cast on and started a sweater vest/tunic. I'll post pictures when there is something worthy of a picture.

And for one more picture, let me share my favorite beach in the whole world. It is on the Oregon coast just south of Seaside. Now known as Oswald West State Park, when I was growing up, it was called Short Sands. There is about a mile hike down to the beach through old growth forest, skunk cabbage, and fallen logs that have been there since I was a kid. Love that place!

It is in a cove so the winds funnel in there, which attracts surfers today. A stream runs into the Pacific at this point, and as a child it was fun to play in it, dam it up, float logs in it .... you name it. If you are ever in Oregon you should go see this beach. The most serene place along the coast.

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