Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Seven Days and Counting...

Happily, the cone of black sock yarn that I ordered about a week ago arrived yesterday, which means I can crank the two pairs of socks that have been requested by a customer for Christmas presents. I was beginning to get worried, but all will be OK. I'll crank today, wash them tonight, and dry them on sock stretchers Thursday. Luckily the customer is semi-local, so I will drive them to Appleton on Friday. Whew! I don't like leaving things to the last moment.

In the mean time socks have been flying off the digital shelves in my Etsy shop. I sure wish they sold this well all year around. December is always a block buster month for gift buying, and I guess folks are giving socks as presents this year. The stock is dwindling, so after I finish the black ones I will get started on all the luscious Opal yarn that I purchased recently. If you are a follower of my Etsy shop (see the link in the upper right-hand of this page) watch for new additions.

Section 1, upper left
While waiting for the sock yarn to arrive I have been quilting my fingers to the nubs, and I must say, having a ball doing it. I decided that I would do a scrap quilt out of all my quilting leftovers, and I can tell at this point that this project won't even make a small dent in the supply.

Section 2

One of the reasons I don't write here more often is that I feel pictures are important to a blog, and it simply doesn't occur to me to photograph on a regular basis. However, I do have pics of the progress on this quilt.

The blocks are 4" square and they are laid out 12 blocks across.

Section 3
Section 4,  upper right

It has really been fun playing with the colors and placing them in the rows. At this point of have 2 rows finished, and I think there will need to be a total of 13 rows. Who knew I had so much fabric?

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