Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Almost Febrtuary 2014

Where does the time go? Just flits by without even a howdoyoudo or so it seems. I continue to recuperate from a 2nd, and final thank God, total knee replacement surgery. It couldn't have been a better time to have the procedure, as the weather has been terrible, and I wouldn't have wanted to go outside anyway. Progress is slow but steady, which is about all one can expect I guess.

Each day I start out with much energy to "do stuff" and wind up in my recliner by mid-morning, icing my knee, and wondering where my pizazz went. The UP side is that I have gotten lots of knitting done - about 12 baby hats for the hospital here, a new afghan modular pattern that I like, and a sweater for the Design-A-Thon contest the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild is sponsoring. I even started a new hexagon scarf, because I lost my other one.

I have been cranking socks and sewing quilts - a very productive month January has been, while healing and dutifully doing my PT every day. Mostly, I'm bored and don't have quite enough energy to take on the house and cooking. Keep making stabs at it, but generally just end up back in my easy chair. What a lethargic mess I have become.  Maybe tomorrow . . .