Monday, February 24, 2014

Busy Weekend, New Week

The sun was crisp, and the temperatures moderate - well...that's moderate for Green Bay in February. We spent Saturday taking care of business, errands, shopping for the week, etc.  Sunday was the fun part of the weekend. My grandson and daughter were in town for a Futsal Tournament. Futsal, for the uninitiated is a form of indoor soccer, and my grandson is the goal keeper for a team from Elmgrove, WI. This is the second year they have participated in the tournament, which takes place at UWGB.

So of course we went to cheer on his team, and this year they won it! Hoorah!!! Nice kids, well coached, and we were all very proud of them. They beat teams from Waukesha and Green Bay to take the prize. The goal keepers wear different colored shirts from the rest of the team, and my GS is in the orange shirt, showing you his medal.

Also did some knitting and quilting this weekend. The Ella Rae lap robe continues to grow; it has gotten large enough that it is no longer easily transportable for traveling knitting.

I also taught myself the technique known as Double Knitting. I am impatiently waiting for yarn to arrive (ordered online) to make an actual hat. There is a great book out there that I ordered several weeks ago, that along with some YouTube videos made it easy to learn. I worked the first sample in the book and this is what I produced:

Because you knit both sides of the fabric at the same time, you get a reversed image. Cool, no?

Then, just for grins, I found this super Fair Isle hat pattern by Audrey Ritchie that I wanted to try, and I had yarn to make it happen so I knit it up. It went pretty quickly. Normally, I am not a hat wearer. They just mess up my hair, but I kind of like this one. It is download from Audrey's Knits

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