Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yarn Management!

The drive from Memphis to Green Bay took us roughly 14 hours, and we have been home for about a week now. During those 14 hours, I hatched a spring cleaning plan, and even designated a specific day for each area of the house. Those who know me will not find this remarkable. When I want to be, I am an obsessively organized person. (OK! You can stop laughing now.) So far I have been able to stick with the plan, and the 2nd floor of our house is finished. AJ and I finished it together on Saturday.

Yesterday I tackled the woodwork in his dressing area. I remember my mother doing spring cleaning every June. She was a teacher so it had to wait until school was out. Yesterday I used Pledge. Mom used Johnson's paste wax. Everything got a good polishing, and I seem to recall that I was the polisher. In any case, that was before polyurethane. Now, I think Pledge will do the job just fine.

You know how, when you rearrange furniture, you wind up affecting the entire house. Well that's what happened on Saturday. We moved 3 major pieces of furniture, and that affected my yarn storage. Yesterday I started trying to deal with that. I have so much leftover sock yarn that it fills an entire laundry hamper. When plastic storage units go on sale I will buy one and fill it up easily. I also started winding sock yarn onto cones - a required activity for people who make socks on circular sock knitting machines (csms).
In gathering it all in the same place I discovered that I have a lot more of it than I thought. It multiplies, you know, when you aren't looking.

This morning I found more yarn, leftover
worsted mostly, that I didn't know existed.  Just when I thought I was done. Egad! I also keep a sweater hangar in my closet - you know - one of those hanging shelf things - where I keep good wool and wool blends. It is full. The closet is too narrow for me to get a complete picture of it, but this should give you some idea.

So, my day is accounted for. Today is continued Yarn Management, oh, and also the master suite, which is a disaster. Drawers, closet, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Guess I'd better get to work. Writing this blog can only put off the inevitable so long, and then it's time to bite the bullet.

Have a good day and I wish you luck with your yarn management.

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  1. I'm convinced that my yarn (and fabric) manage me instead of the other way around. I look forward to an update when you get on top of the problem. Also hints.