Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Busy Time of Year

So much has gone on since I last posted I hardly know where to begin. We opened up the 5th wheel in Door County. We call it our "cabin in the woods", because it truly is in the woods. We spend most weekends there, and have been up 3 times this season already. AJ took an extra day off for Memorial Day weekend, so we had an entire 5 days in a row. Attended the Art Fairs at Sturgeon Bay and Jacksonport, and went to an auction on the way home, where we bid on and won a nice iron planter that is now on the side of our house with plants in it. (whew! that sentence was way too long!)

This year the trillium were in abundance everywhere, as were the morels. We picked morels several times, finding enough for a couple of super omellettes.

Of course, summer finally arrived in Green Bay. It seems we don't have much Spring here. It's just BANG – one day it's winter and the next it's summer. This year it just took longer for it to arrive. So there has been a significant amount of yard work on two houses - the one we are trying to sell, and the one we are living in. I spent an hour each day of last week at the old house pruning rose bushes. The prunnings were so abundant that it took two trips to the garden waste dump site with the truck bed piled high to get rid of them. I also transplanted some rhubarb, daisies, and Euphoribia. The daisies were at our house in Illinois - a gift from NF, a flute playing friend, and we transplanted them up to Wisconsin. Now they are at our new house.

All the while I have been knitting and quilting up a storm. The double knitting project I mentioned a post or so ago has finally started to work. No - I said that wrong. I finally figured out what was necessary on a wrong-side row. Once I had that set in my head I was OK. What do you think? Coming along pretty well, I think.

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