Thursday, June 5, 2014

He's Coming Back...

Pic taken in North Carolina
Today's title reminds me of a beautiful old ballad "He's Gone Away, for to stay a little while, but he's coming back if he strays ten thousand miles..."etc. I got curious about the background of this song because the melody is so haunting and found a website link that explains it in greater detail. Basically, for my purposes, it probably has roots in the British Isles, but more specifically North Carolina. The author of the linked website puts it in the same genre as Shenandoah and The Water is Wide - also among my favorite ballads.

All of that was my way of avoiding the housework that awaits. AJ IS coming home this afternoon and I have spent the last 2 days playing – with no self-discipline at all. Vacuming, dusting, watering plants, laundry - you name it, I need to do it, so that is the basis for my side step into folk history. Anything to avoid the obvious.

I had an idea a couple of days ago, and yesterday was the day that I tried it out. I have a drawer of widowed quilt blocks - blocks that have been made and rejected for some reason or other - and a basket full of scraps.
IDEA: what if I made a crazy quilt-like sandwich of those items and then stitched them down with decorative stitches from my machine? I could make yards of fabric like that and then use the fabric sandwich to make purses or bags or ... something? (not that I needed another project you understand) What do you think?


  1. I think that's brilliant! I can't wait to see what you make. I wish you'd thought of that sooner so I could have embroidery-ed up my Blocks of Chaos quilt top before I glued and pinned it and started machine quilting it. Next time.

  2. Sounds like a great idea to me! Have fun!!!!