Saturday, September 20, 2014

Acorns and Alpacas

Yesterday it was windy all day in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I don't remember another day, however, that produced such a deluge of acorns, and everyone of them seem determined to hit our back deck or skylights (We have 2 of them in the house.).

This afternoon I put Jessie out on her chain for a little bit and she got it twisted around a tree. To retrieve her I had to put shoes on, because the deck is so covered with acorns that I can't risk walking out there in my bare feet. I hope you can see them in the picture. They are particularly evident against the dark brown mulch just above the deck. Then overnight we had a doozy of a thunderstorm, and today it is warmer here. I thought that all the rain we had last night might cause the cancellation of the Oneida Apple Fest, but the sun was out by 10am and I went with AT.

We met in the Schlotzky's parking lot and proceeded to the Brown County Park on the west end of Mason. There were scads of vendors, and I learn now that it is not necessary to be a member of the tribe to participate. Next year Socks by Victoria will have a booth. They have restored a traditional pioneer village, complete with doctor's office and a typical pioneer home. If I remember correctly there are 6 buildings in all. At the end of the village street was a petting zoo with miniature horses, goats, and alpacas.

As you enter the venue there is a small Oneida long house, and they have begun building an actual standard size long house for next year's Apple Fest.

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