Sunday, November 30, 2014


'Tis interesting that 'generations' and 'genes' begin with the same root. You see, the generations continue to unfold in my family, and the genetic makeup continues to be passed along to the new generations. I discovered on Thanksgiving Day that I will be a great grandmother in February. My oldest grandson made the announcement via Facebook, and the family is overjoyed, while also being wary that he is quite young, in his early 20s.

The generations do repeat, however. I was in my early 20s when I had my son, and he was in his mid 20s when he had my grandson. So whoever said history repeats seems to have known what he was talking about. Of course, I was elated when my son arrived. I do remember the night we took him home from the hospital; he wouldn't stop crying. I remember vividly holding him while sitting on the edge of the bed and rocking back and forth, crying myself because he wouldn't stop crying. My mother arrived the following day, all the way from Oregon, and set things right. I was clearly overwhelmed.

As a knitter I couldn't let the opportunity to knit a few baby things slip by. I ordered some yarn yesterday to that end, and I also found a really nice section of knits for babies in Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders. One pattern requires Cascade Fixation, and while most of mine was blue ( the expectant is female) I did uncover a ball of yellow. I set those needles to working right away as you can plainly see. Can't wait for the rest of the yarn to arrive.


  1. Congratulations! Great Grandma, Wow. That is thrilling. I wonder if I will get to be one. My children had their children later in life. My oldest grand child is 10 and the youngest is only one. In 15 years I will be, well pretty old. :) The booties are adorable!

  2. Congratulations Vickie!!! A great granddaughter....How wonderful!!! I'm sure you'll be knitting baby things like crazy!! Such fun! Thank you for including me in your blog circle! I'll be looking forward to following it!!