Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I've Been Busy ... How 'bout You?

After reading my friend's blog the other day, http://crazynovelpeople1.blogspot.com/, I rushed right over to JoAnn Fabrics yesterday. Well - I needed some other things too, and I was the first one in the door, bright eyed and bushy tailed at 8 am. I found the tall styrofoam cone I needed, and then I headed towards the yarn department, See, BM had mentioned that there was a mill-ends sale of yarn that had been advertised in the paper. We don't get the newspaper. (Don't get me started. It's pretty paltry, and we weren't even opening it some days, so we stopped taking delivery.)

 I finally found the big, dilapidated cardboard box that was full of plastic sealed skeins of yarn. None of the yarn had labels, so weight and fiber content start out a mystery. I must have pawed through that box for a good 10 minutes, until I found what I thought would be DK or baby weight yarn - good for the hats the knitting guild makes for new borns at one of the hospitals in town.

I got busy when I got home and caught up with other things. I didn't open the bag of yarn until just now and this is what I found.  Each bag in that old box weighed one pound, and a one-pound bag cost $6.99. This is fingering weight yarn, and there is enough there for 5 pairs of socks. I'm not sure of fiber content yet, but I will wind it up this afternoon and see what kind of socks it makes. Five pairs of socks for $7 is the steal of the century. Also, the washing after they are cranked will tell the entire story.

The purpose of the trip was really to buy a taller cone, as I mentioned and I did get one of those as well. That's what I got so busy at when I came home. After cutting a large assortment of 2.5, 3.5, and 4.5 inch squares out of every Christmas fabric I could find, I spent the afternoon pinning the diagonally squared fabric pieces into the styrofoam.

Voila! the result – I went to the basement, riffled through the old Christmas decorations to find some small gold balls to put on the top but what we have is too large. I'll keep my eyes open for some small ones at Walgreens on future trips.

Tomorrow I drive down to Oshkosh to pick up my new Saddle Chair. Can't wait. They were supposed to email me when it could be picked up, but they never did. If I had known that it was already in Oshkosh I would have gone yesterday to pick it up. Now, as it is, I have to pick up the chair the day before Thanksgiving - a day when I was going to cook the pies, Green Bean Casserole, and Candied Yams. I still have to make them, whether I go to Oshkosh or not. Drat!

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