Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November Has Been Quite a Month

Winter arrived early here this year; we really never had much of a Fall, and there wasn't any Indian Summer either. So there is snow on the ground now, and on my car as well, because the garage door broke. I know. You don't really want to read about my trials and tribulations, but I'm going to write about them anyway. You can skip to the next blog if it suits you. I won't be offended.

About two weeks ago I did a craft fair near me called Christmas in Suamico. My friend AT went with me to keep me company, and my husband helped me load in and out that day. It was a 9am-4pm Saturday, and I made enough money to buy some more yarn for my sock knitting machine cranking habits.

Many of those socks on the left sold, and I had enough money to order a full cone of Opal sock yarn. That should make about 9 or 10 pairs of socks I think. All of that was going on when the world whirled out of control.

My husband had a heart attack. All agendas ceased, paramedics were called, and six stents later, he seems to be as good as new. He went back to work on Monday. I don't mind telling you that it was a life-changing experience that I don't need to have again. He would tell you the same thing. Diets and life styles have changed around here quite a bit, and it seems as if I am grocery shopping almost every day, just to stock the larder with lo-fat this and lo-salt that. We were already eating pretty healthily, but now it is mandatory that we do so all the time.

The garage fix-it people came long enough to help us get our cars out of the garage. AJ can't lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk, so hoisting the garage door was not an option. They will be back tomorrow to actually fix it. In the mean time we are sweeping off cars and I have become the chief snow removal officer. Egad!

This little do-dad is something I saw on the web and thought, I have lots of fabric scraps. I could make that. All it required was a styrofoam tree cone from Michaels and a gazillion 2.5" squares. I did it in an afternoon.

That reminds me. This is dishcloth knitting season again for the guild Christmas party. Guess I'd better get busy.

You are all caught up now. Drop by again. I'm going to be verbose in the New Year.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your husband's heart attack!! I never had a heart attack (yet), but I have many blockages. I beat your husband by one...I have 7 stents. Since my cholesterol counts and blood pressure are very low, my problem has a lot to do with heredity. So, I know all about lo salt (yuck), lo everything diets! I wish you both the best of luck sticking to that's not easy, but can be done.