Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Yarn Deal Was Really Super!

In the last post I wrote about visiting JoAnn Fabrics and buying a one-pound bag of un-labeled yarn. It looked like sock yarn but it was enclosed in plastic, so I wasn't exactly sure what I had just paid $6.99 for. Both colors on the left are sock yarn, and I haven't cranked anything with the teal-colored skeins, but the dark blue behaves just like Opal or Austerman. I don't know the brand but I cranked a pair of size small socks, thinking that if it was a disaster or didn't take well to the washing machine, I could just keep them for myself.

Surprise, surprise. That pair of socks washed up beautifully. I didn't
dry them in the dryer, but then I always dry socks on sock forms. They look better that way. What do you think? Each skein also contained more than the standard 100 grams of yarn. I can tell by the thickness of the yarn on the cones after I rewound them. I probably have enough left over from the first cone of yarn to make another sock. However, I think I will hold off on it and make two pairs of size large socks, then combine the leftovers with Russian joins to make fingerless mitts.

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  1. Beautiful Quilt...I love the colors! There is no end to your talent! I'm happy to see you're teaching in Manitowoc, I grew up it Two Rivers...very near Manitowoc. Do you plan on doing any teaching in Green Bay???