Friday, January 16, 2015

'Twas the Middle of January...

Yea, I know! Where has time gone? It's just unbelievable. Well, I've made reservations for the Erlbacher Gearhart Crank In in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in April, and I have never had to wear a coat there, so I'm getting excited. I'm also looking forward to the CSKMS Conference the end of July in the Denver area. That should be a lot of fun and an opportunity to meet lots of folks, most of whom I have only met via the internet.

The local knitting guild offered a challenge a few days ago to knit red mittens for the February meeting. I finished the first one this morning. What do you think?  The top one is the underside of the left mitten. The photo below that is the top of the hand of the left mitten. I liked the pattern when I found it and just happened to have the necessary sock yarn. They fit my hand pretty well, which is amazing because I have a pretty small hand.

I've also been working on the quilt a lot. It's very strange. Every once and a while the bobbin just goes crazy and I have to take everything apart, rethread, and go away for a few hours. When I come back, it has settled down and is ready to cooperate. Can't figure out if their are gremlins living in my sewing machine or what. I can admit that I am fairly tired of the hastle. I also want to go on record that attempting to quilt a King sized quilt on a home sewing machine is a folly I will not commit a second time. Somewhere I got the idea that I could do it myself. What could I have been thinking. Here is just a little sample of what I am doing.

Beyond that I have been doing a lot of experimental cooking, trying to come up with no-salt, low-fat alternatives to my favorite recipes. We had some pizza last night that was pretty good. Might repeat that again.

Well, that's all that is fit to print. I'll check in a little sooner than last time. Bye!

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