Saturday, February 14, 2015

Donations are a Good Thing!

Tuesday night past I attended an Evergreen Quilt Guild meeting and watched as a member arrived with several large plastic  storage containers filled with fabric. It seems a recent widower had contacted her to donate the fabric stash of his recently deceased wife. When she went to pick up the fabric he asked her if she knew anyone who could benefit from her yarn stash. Her response was,
"As a matter of fact, I know someone and will be seeing her this evening." The long and the short of it is that Thursday I drove to his house and picked up 5 large plastic storage containers full of yarn for the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild. We do a good bit of charity knitting for hospitals, churches, the Green Bay school system, etc. One of the containers was devoted to projects in progress - items that were almost finished but not quite done. One of those items was a baby blanket made up of individual crocheted squares. I finished today and will deliver it on Monday to a church that I know can use it. I thought you might like to see it.