Monday, March 2, 2015

Finally - a Finished project!

I don't mind alliteration either, by the way. This quilt, (I know this isn't knitting!) has been in the works for almost a year. The Evergreen Quilt Guild has a tradition of collecting blocks and giving them to out-going Presidents when they finish their two-year term in office. Last year they presented me with hundreds of purple and white 9-patch blocks.

Over the summer I started shopping for fabric that would compliment the blocks. I had a design in mind; I wanted to combine four 9-patches and set them on point with alternating complimentary blocks and sashing in between. Initially I was looking for a border fabric, but was unable to find one. My second cousin BA suggested going to Yards, a funky little fabric place near Omro, WI. Their actual name is YDS and it is located out in the country, on private property, in a shed that is obviously not water tight, because everything smells mildewey.  (How do you spell that word, anyway?) The bottom line is all the fabric there is Moda, and the smell washes out. I bought the backing and the sashing for this quilt there at a significant discount.

After finishing the piecing, I chose to quilt it, a King-sized quilt, on my home machine - not a decision I would make again. The quilting is not perfect, but I learned a lot in the process.

It doesn't really show in the pictures but the sashing is a light violet and white stripe. The edging and the set-in squares in the sashing are dark purple and white polka dots.

On the knitting front, I'm going to be teaching a beginning lace class at a new little yarn shop in Manitowoc. Called WYS, or the Waldo Yarn Studio, the shop is in a private home on Waldo Blvd in Manitowoc. I visited the shop on Saturday, along with my good friend AT, and can't wait to get started. It is a little over half an hour drive down I43 and teaching always stirs up my creative juices. It occurred to me that I haven't produced one knitting pattern or new design since Monterey Yarn closed. Maybe this new association will help me find that creative nitch once more. Here's hoping . . .


  1. Congratulations on the finished quilt and of course its in my favorite color. Also congrat's on the new teaching job. Is this yarn shop open everyday?

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I love it!! You are so talented!!