Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A New Fall, A New Job, A New Yarn Shop

It is the beginning of new relationships, and I couldn't be happier. As many of you probably know our main yarn shop here in Green Bay closed a couple of years ago, and we have all been left high and dry – until now. A local quilt shop, The Silver Thimble, has started carrying yarn. The store moved within the same strip mall but into a larger space, and the owner had special cubicles built to hold yarn. She is ordering books and patterns, and she has hired me to teach a beginning knitting class and socks on circular needles. I have missed teaching, so this is a most welcome change. I always found that I was more creative and motivated to design garments when I was teaching at the former yarn shop, so this will be great.

We have Learning in Retirement classes here in GB and those are also starting up this month. I'm really excited about that because I took tatting 101 last year and learned just enough to get myself into all sorts of trouble. This year I am retaking 101 and adding 102. Maybe I'll solve some of my tatting problems.

As for photographs to spruce this missive up, I have completed quite a bit this summer. The yarn basket above was one of two door prizes at this year's Door County Shepherd's Market. I won! I won!
That was in May, but I just had to share. The yarn is all hand spun by members of the Arachnid Spinners.

We had a bit of a vacation in July and I made a new traveling project bag so I could take things I was working on. The bag sits on the floor on the passenger side quite nicely, and I knit my way to Colorado and back. I also took some tatting and some Zentangling. The Zentangle objects above were done by Evergreen quilt guild members at the July meeting. One of those blocks is mine, although I don't remember which one. I enjoy the Zentangle process. It must be the repetition.

As usual, I will try to be more consistent with my posts. Best laid plans, however..... Bye for now!