About Me

I grew up knowing I would be a musician, started piano lessons at age 3, flute lessons in 5th grade, and organ lessons in about the 7th grade. It never occurred to me or my parents that I would do anything else. I was lucky to be raised near Portland, Oregon, the home of the Portland Youth Orchestra (it was called the Portland Junior Symphony then), which is the oldest youth orchestra in the U.S.

Participation in that program provided me with a strong orchestral background, as well as a scholarship to the Aspen Music Festival in 1962, the summer after graduating from high school. There I studied with the well-known Albert Tipton, who was principal flute with the Detroit Symphony at that time.

I attended Portland State College (now Portland State University) for 1 year, Oberlin Conservatory for 1 year, and graduated from Indiana University – 3 colleges in 4 years and graduated on time. Don't know how I did it.

The rest of the story can be condensed into a 40 year career teaching and performing on flute and keyboards in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Milwaukee. The last 10 years of my working career I edited Flute Talk magazine, which was great fun for me. I love learning new things, and the publishing world was a whole new set of skills to learn.

Throughout all of the above, I had a love and passion for the fiber arts, i.e. quilting, knitting, needle point, crochet, etc. Now that I am retired, I have time to do all those things. Presently I teach at and design for Monterey Yarn in Green Bay, Wisconsin.